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Kidman Wines

Kidman Wines

The choices of wineries around Coonawarra are plentiful so those looking for a quaint, historic winery in Coonawarra should come to the famous Kidman Wines.

This winery was established by Sid Kidman in 1971. He, along with his family, started this small business by planting the first vines on this beautiful property, and the family has managed the vineyard ever since.

Kidman Wines, Winery, Cellar Door, Address & Hours, Coonawarra SA

The winery is stretched over acres of lush land, nestled towards the southeastern border of the state. The Kidman family carefully hand prunes their vines, which results in a low yield, but high quality. Therefore, the Kidman’s ranges of wines have maximum flavour and intensity.

The wines produced at the Kidman’s cellar door include Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. Each of their wines showcases a natural balance of acidity and fruity flavour. Therefore, these wines taste very nice and have a great consistency.

Kidman wines are so perfect that they require little alteration. Due to their unique characteristics, the wines have become very popular worldwide.

The team at Kidman’s is always looking forward to creating some new range of classic and new flavours, so their wines can gain better profile and popularity worldwide.

Riddoch Highway
Coonawarra, South Australia

Opening Hours
10am – 4pm

Phone Number
(08) 8736 5071

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What is the Kidman Wines address?
Riddoch Highway, Coonawarra, South Australia

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What are the Kidman Wines opening hours?
What is the Kidman Wines phone number?
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