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Ghost Mushroom Lane

Ghost Mushroom Lane

The Ghost Mushroom Lane is an event in Glencoe which showcases the unique Ghost Mushroom (Omphalotus nidiformis).

This unique mushroom is endemic to Australia, known for its bioluminescent properties that are breathtaking to see at night during the late autumn when it emits a soft green glow.

Ghost Mushroom Lane Mount Gambier 2021 Dates, Tours & Directions Map

The family-friendly event, which takes place in May and June, is an excellent opportunity for kids and adults like to witness the bioluminescence of thousands of these fungi all at once.

It takes place at a mushroom breeding ground among the pine forests 16 kilometres from Mount Gambier. Visitors can explore the forest using the marked paths; the trails are the Fairy Tale Hollow, Ghostly Gully, Fungi Hunter Alley, and the Neon Forest. However, please keep in mind that touching the mushrooms should be avoided. The chemical found within the mushrooms may be poisonous if ingested.

When visiting Ghost Mushroom Lane, wear appropriate footwear since the venue is located in a working commercial pine tree forest where the ground is uneven and often has loose surfaces. Bring a torch and wear warm clothes as well as sensible footwear.

It is ideal for visitors to have average fitness levels. Guided tours are available through the ForestrySA; these take place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. Car parking is available out front. Permits are not necessary, except for commercial tour operators.

To get here, take the Riddoch Highway / Princes Highway Roundabout, then drive through the Princes Highway that takes you to Millicent. Once you’re 12km in, make a right turn on Kangaroo Flat Road, drive for another 4.3km, then turn right into Ghost Mushroom Lane.

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