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Weather Forecast

Mount Gambier located is within a climatic transition zone between oceanic and Mediterranean climate type with warm dry summers and cool wet winters.

Visiting Mount Gambier in summer is a great option as you can view the Blue Lake at its best. However, the city remains quite hot during January and February with little rain. Comparatively, the months of March and April remain pleasant with little to no heat waves.

Mount Gambier Weather Forecast, Today, 7 Days & Rain Radar

Typically, the 7-day weather forecast and radar in Mount Gambier show minimal changes within the different seasons. Though Spring & Summer are the preferred seasons to visit, you should also plan a trip in Autumn & Winter, as there are still plenty of days with no rain and still relatively nice outside with a jumper on.


In summer, the wildlife often retreats under the shade of their bushland habitats to escape the heat of the sun. For those visiting in winter can expect a few rainy and cloudy days, which may restrict you enjoying some of the outdoor activities.

Average Mt Gambier day-time summer temperatures range from around average weather of 23 to 25 degrees. Average Mt Gambier day-time winter temperatures range from around average weather of 13 to 14 degrees.

Spring: September 1 through November 30
Summer: December 1 through February 28 or 29
Autumn: March 1 through May 31
Winter: June 1 through August 31

View the very latest Mount Gambier Weather Forecast radar for the next 7 days.


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Weather Forecast


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