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Generations In Jazz

Generations in Jazz

This was recently announced by the event organisers:  “GIJ 2022 – Improvised” is practising just that to ensure there will be an event for schools to participate in – but not in the physical format from 6th to 8th May. The hybrid format is not what we were all hoping for in 2022 – and not the format that we see as the future direction for GIJ.

Given that there has not been a tangible GIJ event for 2 years, the Board is adamant there must be a GIJ experience with as many of the GIJ defining elements as possible in 2022. The GIJ Gala Concert will be held on Thursday 16th June 2022 and will be live-streamed to schools featuring a lineup of Guest Artists that you won’t see anywhere else in the world.”

Mount Gambier is well known for a popular Jazz event known as Generations in Jazz, with the next festival being held in May 2022.

Whilst offering a range of amusement options for visitors, the Generation in Jazz festival welcomes many talented people to take part and showcase their talents. Unquestionably, this event offers a wonderful platform for young jazz musicians to learn, perform and grow as jazz artists.

Generations in Jazz Festival 2022 Dates & Ticket Prices, Mount Gambier

This annual jazz festival offers the renowned James Morrison Scholarship and the Generations in Jazz Vocal Scholarship to the winners of the show. The James Morrison Scholarship is offered to solo instrumentalists to help them in pursuing and following their dreams to become a professional musician.

The event chooses six finalists and all of them attend a final adjudication of the Generations in Jazz weekend in Mount Gambier. The winners receive $10,000 prize money and receive an instrument valued at around $3,000 from Yamaha Australia. Similarly, the Generations in Jazz Vocal Scholarship offers $5,000 to the winners to aid them with their jazz careers.

The event provides an excellent environment for young musicians to learn new music and perform in front of a huge crowd. In addition, learning with other students in a supportive setting helps young musicians to gain confidence and get global exposure. As an added bonus, the youngsters will also get an opportunity to hear some internationally renowned jazz professionals.

To help the youngsters in learning jazz music, several schools across Australia make this an annual event and send their students on a joint school trip to Mount Gambier. With its increasingly high popularity, the event is a major tourist draw in Mount Gambier and the surrounding region.


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