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Robe is a popular seaport and small town on the Limestone Coast in South Australia. Bordered by the gorgeous coastline of Guichen Bay, this beachside town has served as an important international port since the 19th century. The place was named after the renowned Major Frederick Robe, who was a former Governor of this state.

Being an SA seaside town, the Robe accommodation and caravan parks offer wonderful beach settings for the visitors to enjoy their holidays. Also, the city also has numerous historical places to see.

Robe Accommodation, Hotels, Motels, Caravan Parks & Camping Grounds

Tourists should consider visiting Robe’s Historical Interpretation Centre to know more about the town, its culture, history and the surrounding neighbourhood. This exciting museum offers an array of exhibits, artifacts and pictures relating to the changing life in Robe community over the centuries.

The historic port of Robe also houses several heritage buildings within its vicinity. Some of these famous establishments are the Lodge and the Old Cottage located near the Main Road. Each of these buildings is more than a century old and showcase the ancient architectural art and are a physical reminder of the development of the town.

Another historical point in Robe is the Karatta House, adjacent to Boat Haven. This typical stone manor is a one-of-a-kind house built in 1860. Robe also has a similar structure known as the Bush Inn. You will also find a craft shop at this establishment.

Apart from these, the city also houses some impressive historic buildings such as the Caledonian Inn, the Moorakyne House and a monument built for the explorer Matthew Flinders.

Robe Accommodation and caravan parks also offer several outdoor destinations within the town. Popular scenic points are the Beacon Hill Lookout, as from where you can get some of the most magnificent views of the town and its coastline.

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