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Piccaninnie Ponds

Both Ewens Ponds and Picaninnie Ponds are two popular freshwater diving sites in the southeastern region of Australia. At the Picaninnie Ponds, you can dive or snorkel across the chasm and down to check out underwater creatures and plants.

The best part of the Picaninnie Ponds is its crystal clear waters, which gets slowly filtered naturally through the limestone. This process has occurred for thousands of years and it has resulted in the formation of limestone forming underneath the pond water.

Piccaninnie Ponds Cave Diving & Snorkelling Permits, Mount Gambier

The pressure from the uprising of freshwater to the surface has resulted in the erosion in the limestone. This, in turn, resulted in the chasm formation. The Picaninnie Ponds also boasts a large underwater cavern known as the Cathedral. This was also formed due to erosion.

Divers can get many picturesque views of its beautifully sculptured limestone walls. The chasm at the Picaninnie Ponds also has an abundance of green algae on its white walls.

With clear underwater visibility of up to 40 metres, this pond is one of the spectacular and stunning freshwater diving sites in South Australia. As one of the largest freshwater springs, this pond is a popular diving destination amongst both novice and experienced divers.

A permit is required to snorkel and dive at Piccaninnie Ponds and can be issued on a single or annual basis. The Fee for snorkelling is $14.50 for a single permit and $56 for an annual permit and for diving is $38.50 for a single and $79.50 for an annual permit. You must purchase your permit before arrival and they can be purchased from National Parks SA.

The diving time slots are for 60 minutes and there is a limit of 2 sessions per person, per day. Bookings are essential. Diving permits are only issued to divers who are current financial members of the Cave Divers Association of Australia (CDAA) and rated at sinkhole category.

The Picaninnie Ponds truly represent the region’s unique geology and spectacular hydrology.

Piccaninnie Ponds Road
Wye, South Australia

Opening Hours
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Bookings are required for snorkelling and diving.

Phone Number
(08) 8735 1177

Email Address


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  • Hi, I have never been diving before but I’ve always wanted to. Someone told me that Piccaninnie Ponds dive is amazing and I’d love to do it. I’m heading down tomorrow for the weekend, the only thing is I do not have a dive ticket. Is there any way that I can still dive with an experienced diver? Or do I need to get my dive ticket first? If you can please advise that would be great. Thanks

    • Hi Michelle,

      A booking and permit is required to dive at Piccaninnie Ponds. Diving permits are only issued to divers who are current financial members of the Cave Divers Association of Australia (CDAA) and rated at sinkhole category. Proof of current CDAA membership and categorisation supplied by the CDAA is required.

      You can get more information and make a booking at the Parks Victoria website here.

      Piccaninnie Ponds are certainly worth the effort though, so I hope that you enjoy your time in Mount Gambier!