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Romantic Things Do In The Land Of Golden Sun And Sand

Romantic Things Do in The Land of Golden Sun and Sand

A vacation with your loved one is one of the best ways to bring the spice back in your relationship. It’s one of the best times to make your heart flutter and to re-connect as a couple. Just because you are turning-off and relaxing during a vacation, it doesn’t mean you have to forget all about romance.

In this article, we have compiled some of the most romantic things to do in two of the most beautiful places Australia has to offer.

Mount Gambier, A Mountain Paradise

Mount Gambier is the second-largest city in South Australia, with more than 28,000 people residing on the slopes of an extinct volcano. It took its name from the Admiral of the Fleet of His Majesty’s Armed Survey Vessel Lady Nelson, Lord James Gambier, a European explorer in the 1800s. The city is famous for all of its stunning scenery, volcanic features, caves, gardens, sinkholes and much more.

If you’re planning on visiting the area, be prepared to be amazed. It’s approximately half way between Melbourne and Adelaide, around 430km and a 4hr & 40min drive from each.

See the Blue Lake

Romantic Things Do In The Land Of Golden Sun And Sand

Amongst the many tourist spots of Mount Gambier is the Blue Lake. With its stunning features and spectacular views, people come here to see the cobalt blue colour that made it so famous. For Valentine’s day, bring your significant other here and go on a relaxing walk around the top of the lake.

You’ll love the multiple viewing platforms built around the Blue Lake, or why not take an Aquifer tour if you want to learn more about the lake.

The best months to visit are from November to April.

Explore the Tantanoola Caves

Romantic Things Do In The Land Of Golden Sun And Sand

The Tantanoola Caves is a conservation park that’s located in the middle of a pine forest, small in size but well maintained. Inside the cave, you will see all sorts of stalactites, great for photographs.

To access the cave, you have to pay an entrance fee, but you get a guided tour.

Relax or Go on an Adventure at the Umpherston Sinkhole

Romantic Things Do In The Land Of Golden Sun And Sand

Being one of the most visited sites in Mount Gambier, the Umpherston Sinkhole is a sight to behold, both during the day and at night. The sinkhole was once a cave until its roof collapsed. Now, it has one of the best gardens around the area, where you can walk down the stairs to reach the bottom of the Sinkhole.

The sinkhole was named after the person who created the garden around 1884, James Umpherston. With your partner, you can go for a relaxing stroll around this magical place.

At night, dare to enter the sinkhole and you’ll find some of the cutest possums, who only come out after sunset. These little guys are extremely hungry and are always looking for food.

Most people who visit at night often bring some food; such as fruits and bread. The possums are predominantly friendly, so you can pat them and see them up close.

Check Out the Centenary Tower

Romantic Things Do In The Land Of Golden Sun And Sand

A romantic date around Mount Gambier won’t be complete without a visit to Centenary Tower. The place boasts of a 360 degrees view of the Mount Gambier region, even including the coast.

For the best views of the town, visiting the tower is a must!

Kimberley, Kissing the Western Coast

The Kimberley is of the nine regions of Western Australia, located on the west coast by the Indian Ocean. With overpopulation of 40,000. It’s not difficult to figure out why a lot of travel enthusiasts is visiting this place.

With an island of contrasts, you can see a beautiful horizon with Kimberley’s breath-taking vivid blues and striking natural phenomena that cannot be seen anywhere else in the country.

The name of the place got its inspiration from John Wodehouse, the 1st Earl of Kimberley, who served as Secretary of State for the Colonies.

Cruise the Buccaneer Archipelago

Romantic Things Do In The Land Of Golden Sun And Sand

This cavalcade of nearly 1,000 rocky islands of different sizes; located within the clear, turquoise waters in the state’s north-west, is as scenic as it is remote. There’s nothing sweeter than being on a cruise ship with your better half, it’s one of the most heart-warming experiences you’ll ever try.

Cruising the Buccaneer Archipelago will be a good idea if you are planning to propose.

Turtle Bay Kayak Adventure in Broome

Romantic Things Do In The Land Of Golden Sun And Sand

Broome’s spectacular coastline, abundant marine life and warm weather provide perfect conditions for kayaking. If both of you are adventurous, or even not, this will still be an experience of a lifetime.

Capture those precious moments with remarkable photo opportunities and get a chance to spot sea turtles in the wild.

An experience like no other, which takes in the best of Broome’s coastline. If you’re planning on visiting the area, be prepared to be amazed, and you can check out the different Broome holiday packages available.

City Tour in Chinatown

Romantic Things Do In The Land Of Golden Sun And Sand

When both of you love the diverse culture, why not experience Chinatown, the original bustling centre of Broome, where pearl showrooms are housed in original corrugated iron huts from the early days, as well as plenty of galleries and cafes.

Even have a date on a sound show at Sun Pictures, the world’s oldest operating open-air theatre.


So fall in love all over again, put the spark back on your relationship and at the same time, fall in love with the beauty of Australia! If you’re looking for a romantic place and exciting events for you and your partner, consider going to these beautiful places.

Surely the experience will be worth every dollar you spend; especially when you have your loved one enjoying every second with you.

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