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Mount Gambier Buses

Mount Gambier Buses

The buses in Mount Gambier are a convenient and efficient way to get around the town.

Mount Gambier Bus Lines operates the Mount Gambier City Bus Service, a Monday to Friday operation offering three different loops, traversing various sectors of the city from the North East, North West and South East Loops.

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All the loops start and end at the bus stop on Ferrers Street – right across from Target. All loop services end at City Centre West.

If you are on a budget, you’ll be glad to know that the fares are very affordable. This makes the buses the primary transportation choice not just for locals and travellers, but also for students, pensioners, and children.

Daytrip fares give you unlimited transfers to the many routes in the city for the day of purchase. Patrons can also choose a multi-trip ticket, which is good for 10 trips.

Tickets for the Mount Gambier buses are available from the bus drivers and the bus depot located at 221 Jubilee Highway West.

Mount Gambier Bus Lines also offer charter services, which are ideal for school groups and special events. If you’d like to charter a bus, get in touch with them.

Visitors who need to get to and from Mount Gambier from Adelaide or Melbourne can also take a bus from within the town.

The bus to/from Melbourne travels through either Ballarat or Geelong (via Warrnambool), while the bus to/from Adelaide either goes inland through Naracoorte, or via the coastline, which travels through Robe, Kingston SE and Meningie.

Please check out the timetables and route maps below for more information on the route and its different stops.

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    • Hi Sonja,

      Aside from using Regional Express (which used to have 2 services daily between Melbourne and Mount Gambier, but is likely reduced because of the COVID situation), the only other public option is the Vline bus/trains.

      Usually, there is a 7-day service between Melbourne and Mount Gambier which is a train to Warrnambool and a bus then to Mount Gambier (approx. 7 hours), or a weekday service which is a train to Ballarat and a bus then to Mount Gambier (approx. 6.5 hours), but when looking at the Vline website it states “Due to current border restrictions, V/Line coach services will no longer operate into or out of SA until further notice. Scheduled coach services will travel to the normal timetable within Victoria but start or finish their journey at the last Victorian stop before the SA border.”

      Looking at the timetables I have listed on https://www.mountgambierpoint.com.au/information/mount-gambier-buses/, the buses will only take you as far as Casterton or Dartmoor in VIC, which is 68km and 50km away from Mount Gambier.

      I did see that the border is due to open on December 1, but it seems like Vline hasn’t updated their website yet, as the booking system still shows the above message when trying to book next year.

      Unless you have a mode of transport once you get into Mount Gambier, it may be worth looking into hiring a car for the trip – the drive itself is around 5 hours and Mount Gambier is hard to get around without a car. Even with a bus system, the services are around once an hour and only run between 9am and around 6pm.


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