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Mary Mackillop Feast Day
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Mary MacKillop Feast Day

Mary MacKillop Feast Day is held every August 8th in honour of the revered Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop.

She was the first Saint of Australia, and her influence has spread far and wide. She is recognised for her commitment to the poor, helping those who needed it the most in any way she could.

Mary MacKillop Feast Day 2024 Celebration Dates & Service Time, Penola

Thousands flock to Mary MacKillop Place in North Sydney, New South Wales, during her feast day. This is the site where the saint lived, but it’s also where she died. Many come to respect her tomb, celebrate mass, and share food here. The chapel is open from 9am to 4pm, with mass times being held at 8am, 10am, and 1pm. Visitors may purchase memorabilia of Mary MacKillop and other delicious food and drink.

However, if you are nowhere near Sydney and on the Limestone Coast, events occur in Penola, where Mary MacKillop taught schoolchildren. There is free all day at the Mary MacKillop Interpretive Centre (Cnr of Petticoat Lane & Portland Street, Penola), and there is a mass held 9:15am, 12pm and evening prayer at 5pm at Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church next door.

After mass, many people enjoy morning tea at the Mary MacKillop Centre, and visitors drop in during the day to share a day of celebration in honour of Australia’s first saint of the Catholic Church.

For visitors who would like to honour Mary MacKillop Feast Day but cannot make it to her site, there are other things you can do. One is to read up on her projects around Australia and donate at least $20 to become an Independent Spirit of Mary MacKillop Today.

You can also pay tribute to her by purchasing fair trade products, which would go a long way for families and artisans. Anytime you support Australian communities and farmers, you are also honouring Australia’s very first Saint.

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