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Naracoorte is one of the most well-known towns within the Limestone Coastal region of South Australia. The Naracoorte accommodation & caravan park options give you full access to this historic town, which is a beautiful picturesque district with a number of historic and scenic attractions for visitors.

A visit to Naracoorte will never be complete without a tour to the Sheep’s Back Wool Museum; this typical museum is an educational and entertaining venue, where you can learn more about the wool yield information and a lot about sheep farming. Wool firms were used to be the major industries of Naracoorte in the past.

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While visiting this museum on McDonnell Street, you can also get a peek of the nearby attractions as well. Other popular points of Naracoorte are the Tourist Office and the two notable bank buildings. Each of these buildings showcases some beautiful architecture of the nineteenth century. Another impressive architectural establishment of Naracoorte is the Struan House, a typical Victorian mansion built in the late 19th century.

Those with kids can choose to visit the Tiny Train Park along the Park Terrace. Children will love the train ride and numerous other activities in the play areas. Even the mini golf course at the Tiny Train Park is well-liked by all visitors.

Apart from these, the city also has several natural attraction. Visitors should ensure they visit the Naracoorte Caves Conservation Park; it is a typical conservation park with the Pleistocene fossils, caves and wildlife. The caves at this park are included on the World Heritage list due to the Pleistocene fossils.

Tourists can also visit the Bool Lagoon Game Reserve to check out its wide diversity of animals and endangered birds.

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