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Kingston Airport

Kingston Airport is located just to the north of the township and is 240 km from Adelaide – making it easily accessible from different parts of Australia. The airport code for Kingston Airport is: YKIG

The airport in Kingston opens up travel to this quaint town situated South Australia. The airport plays a key role in connecting the town by making flights accessible to and from Kingston; handling regional flights to a number of destinations; including Adelaide and Mount Gambier.

Kingston Airport Charter Flights, Parking, Transfers & Airport Code, SA

As with any other flights, visitors interested in touring Kingston must check in no later than 30 minutes before the departure time for check-in.

For travellers who want to save money on their flights to or from Kingston Airport, it is a good idea to book flights well ahead of a planned trip to Kingston. A quick look at various flight search websites will also give travellers an idea of the best rates at the time of booking.

Presently, there is no subway transportation from Kingston Airport, so visitors are required to make transport arrangements. The availability of taxi cabs is the best option for travellers from out of town. For visitors staying at hotels which offer transport services, making enquiries in advance will offer convenient options for travel to and from the airport.

Princess Highway
Kingston, South Australia

Opening Hours
Per scheduled flights

Phone Number
(08) 8767 2033

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