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Meningie is a town situated on the south-eastern portion of Lake Albert in South Australia. Its name is derived from ‘meningeng’; an Aboriginal term that translates to ‘place of mud’.

The town was first surveyed in 1866, but it wasn’t until three years later when developments were put up. A school was one of the first establishments in town, followed by a jetty. Today, it’s home to over a thousand residents, but travellers from all around also stop by.

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Meningie is a charming country town with lots of pristine natural attractions for visitors to explore.

Head over to Lake Albert for a full day of water fun, swimming, kayaking, and jet skiing. The lake’s foreshore is also a great place for relaxing, barbecuing, or watching the sunset.

Additionally, Meningie is also the town closest to the Coorong National Park – highly recommended for nature and outdoor enthusiasts. Bird watchers frequent Lake Albert because it’s home to pelicans, as well as vulnerable and rare wildlife.

Kids and adults can explore the bushwalking trails, 4WD tracks, and authentic indigenous cultural experiences available at Camp Coorong. Another stunning attraction not to miss while you’re here is the Lower Lakes of the River Murray.

The town has a few but notable eateries that you shouldn’t miss. A must-visit while here is the Meningie Cheese Factory Museum; not only is it a delicious stopover for some local cheese, but you also get to learn valuable insights on how the local cheese is made and how it contributes to the economy. When visiting any local eatery, be sure to ask if you can try the famously delicious Coorong Mullet fish dish.

Meningie is rich in gorgeous scenery and fun activities all year round. It’s just a 90-minute drive away from Adelaide, and it’s an excellent jump-off point for exploring the rest of Coorong. Accommodation of all styles and budgets can be found here too.

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