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Millicent National Trust Museum

Millicent National Trust Museum

Millicent National Trust Museum is amongst the best local museums in Southern Australia. The building started as a primary school in 1873 and later housed the museum from 1960.

It features all the stories of the Limestone Coast, and it has an extensive layout with a fine collection of historical materials.

Millicent National Trust Museum Living History, Opening Hours & Prices

The Millicent National Trust Museum has 25 fully restored buggies, horse-drawn wagons and carriages as well as stories of early Millicent times. The museum also contains smaller items such as Queen Victoria’s gowns. The town’s Visitor Information Centre and Craft Gallery are located within the museum.

The Millicent National Trust Museum is one of the only two museums in South Australia to be endorsed by the History Trust of South Australia. The Millicent town hosts a beautiful museum that draws visitors from different parts of the world. There are lots of historical items relevant to Australian history that can be viewed. Visitors have the chance to take photographs whilst touring the museum, making their trip memorable. Also, there are beautiful costumes and toys available for purchase.

Another very interesting thing is the display of historic clothing in the Visitor Information Centre. Visitors enjoy the great collection and also get the opportunity to purchase some of the products. There is also the historical bell wagon and the T-class locomotive in the museum. The museum has a total of 26 horse-driven vehicles, which reflect the real history of Millicent.

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Adults: $12
Concession: $8
Child (5-15yrs): $5
Family (2Ad + 4Ch): $25

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