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Ewens Ponds

Ewens Ponds

Apart from the numerous caves, beaches and conservation parks in South Australia, you will also find few natural wonders as well. Ewens Ponds is one of Australia’s natural wonders where you can dive. Ewens Ponds is located 25kms south of Mount Gambier.

The Ewens Ponds is one of the best and iconic freshwater dive sites within South Australia as underwater visibility is excellent, up to 80 metres (260 ft).

Ewens Ponds Conservation Park, Diving & Snorkelling, Mount Gambier

Apart from visiting this pond, you can also take a tour to the adjacent Ewens Ponds Conservation Park to see its scenic spots and an array of flora and fauna.

Below the surface of the water, you can also see the cracks in the limestone and feel the filtered and cool water currents coming through the caves beneath. The Ewens Ponds has three main ponds; the second pond is just 5 metres deep and has a beautiful view with the bubbling water through a silt-covered rugged bottom. The third pond is approximately eight metres deep with a shallow cave underneath.

Each of the ponds can be dived throughout the year; however, summer is the best time to dive at Ewens. The Ewens Ponds boast a number of freshwater aquatic plants and animals so divers can get a breathtaking view of the small fish species that live just beneath the water.

The minimum qualification for divers is open water. You can come to Ewens Ponds for free.


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