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Mount Gambier Lakes

Mount Gambier has a number of amazing waterways for you to visit during your next trip to the Limestone Coast region.

The most famous of all the lakes in Mount Gambier is undoubtedly the Blue Lake, but there are also a range of other smaller lakes for visitor to explore.

Mount Gambier Lakes – Volcano Craters & Walking Trails, South Australia

Mount Gambier’s Little Blue Lake is a popular tourist attraction in the Mount Gambier region. The Little Blue Lake is a popular diving and swimming spot of this area, with many people coming here to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Due to its high popularity, the local council has built a stepped walkway, which leads to a floating pontoon on the lake. With such options, swimmers will find it easy to access the lake and swim in the water.

Come and explore the area’s most popular crater lakes including the Blue Lake and the Mount Gambier Valley Lake nestled on the panoramic landscape of Mount Gambier. The Mount Gambier Valley Lake is a hidden gem amongst the crater lakes in Mount Gambier.

Unlike the magnificent Blue Lake, the Valley Lake stays less crowded; therefore it is a great spot for a picnic or a relaxing walk. Also, check out the boardwalk and the numerous scenic trails to explore the area’s most scenic attractions. Kids will also love here as they have a number of activity options to enjoy.

Both Ewens Ponds and Picaninnie Ponds are two popular freshwater diving sites in the south eastern region of Australia. At the Picaninnie Ponds, you can dive, swim or snorkel across the chasm and swim down to check out underwater creatures and plants. Ewens Ponds is one of the best and iconic freshwater dive sites within South Australia as underwater visibility is excellent, up to 80 metres (260 ft).

If you want to go for a walk in nature, head over to Bool Lagoon which is one of the largest freshwater lagoons in South Australia. It is home to wide range of wildlife and it provides refuge for many rare and endangered species of birds.

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Blue Lake

Blue Lake

Mount Gambier, SA

As one of the most-visited tourist spots in Mount Gambier, the Blue Lake is considered to be the gem of Mount Gambier’s tourist attractions. It is certainly a unique and breathtaking sight which awes thousands of...

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