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Casterton is a small town in Victoria that’s with attractions and landmarks worth visiting; located 360km from Melbourne and just 68km from Mount Gambier.

You’ll only need a day or two to cover all the sights here, and there are a few hotel options within the town if you’d like to stay a night or two.

Casterton Accommodation, Map, Shops, Restaurants, Pubs & Cafes, VIC

Located in the Glenelg Shire, the town has a rich history and is also known for being the Birthplace of the Kelpie dog breed. The Kelpie is Australia’s working sheep and cattle dog; famed for their intelligence and loyalty.

The town’s landscape features mixed agricultural land and plantation forestry. It’s also a rural community, and like many others, the residents are passionate about sports and recreation.

Check out the Island Park Reserve; a 17-hectare large recreational facility that features a swimming pool, two ovals, tennis and netball courts, croquet, a bowling green, and a historic racecourse. Each May, the Island Park Reserve hosts the Casterton Cup event.

While in Casterton, enjoy a day of shopping as there are several specialty stores and boutiques you’ll love to explore. There are also many antique shops and terrific eateries to explore.

For some adventure and nature, head over to the picturesque Glenelg River, where you’ll get to see the magnificent Red Gum trees and relax by the tranquil riverbank. Apex Park is a well-loved barbecue destination, and the riverbank also features a playground that kids will love.

Learn more about the fascinating Kelpie breed by going on the walking trail. It includes 5 one-of-a-kind sculptures that tell the story of the Kelpie, as well as interpretive signage with useful information on the strategically-located scenic attractions in Casterton.

Don’t forget to visit the Australian Kelpie Centre, which includes a visitor centre with all the information you need to know about Casterton and a wealth of information on the beautiful kelpie.

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