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Robe Airport

Robe Airport

Robe Airport in Robe, South Australia, is a local airport with light traffic which services Robe, South Australia and Australia through connecting flights.

Visitors making plans to visit Robe must take note that the airport does not offer any scheduled airline services, so prior arrangements for the flight must be made. The Robe Airport is mostly used for charter aircraft to fly in and fly out.

Robe Airport Chartered Flights, Taxis & Parking, South Australia

The Tiger Moth, a light aircraft with a rich history steeped in its use during the civil war, is a common appearance at the airport in Robe, thanks to the use of the airport as an Aerodrome Landing Area that is open to the general public. For visitors who are thrilled by aerial tourism, charter flights to this airport will offer splendid views of Robe and surrounding areas with the advantage of getting from one location to another with ease.

To make this a memorable experience, visitors will often work hand in hand with tour operators who offer flying packages alongside other tour and travel activities. Other airports that are close to Robe Airport include Adelaide Airport, Millicent Airport and Mount Gambier Airport.

So if you are on a family vacation, Robe Airport offers great convenience for those visiting South Australia. Its proximal location to numerous attractions, coupled with its basic onsite facilities are a plus for the fun-loving visitor.