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Dingley Dell

Dingley Dell

The Dingley Dell Conservation Park is the former home of one of Australia’s famous poets, Adam Lindsay Gordon.

Located approximately 30 kilometres south of Mount Gambier, Dingley Dell can be easily accessed via Port MacDonnell Road.

Dingley Dell Conservation Park, Cottage & Museum, Mount Gambier

The eccentric and talented Adam Lindsay Gordon lived at Dingley Dell from 1864 until 1867. It was during his stay that his first poem was published outside of a newspaper or magazine. Success continued, with his published works increasing between 1865 and 1867.

Gordon complimented the passionate national and patriotic sentiment that thrived in Australia during the mid to late nineteenth century. He was not only known for his cavalier nature as a horseman (with the tale of his leap at Blue Lake in 1864, which is a part of local folklore), but also for his flamboyant parliamentary life, courageous deeds and poetry that romanticised the Australian bush.

The Dingley Dell region was the inspiration behind much of his poetry. Gordon is the only Australian poet to have his bust in the Poet’s Corner of Westminster Abbey (unveiled 11 May 1934).

The cottage of this poetic legend now serves as a Museum. Gordon’s works and personal belongings are on display for visitors to view. Visitors to the cottage will appreciate the history of South Australia with a quick visit to this historic place.

The Dingley Dell Conservation Park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Dingley Dell Cottage is now open by appointment online.

Car parking, picnic sites, toilet facilities and wheelchair access are provided in the park. Please note that dogs are not permitted in this park (assistance dogs are allowed though).

In order to preserve the eco-friendly habitat, solid fuel fires and wood fires are not allowed in the vicinity. Except for the days where a total fire ban is observed; gas fires are permitted.

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What are the Dingley Dell opening hours?
Park: Open 24 hours
Dingley Dell Cottage is open by appointment. The surrounding conservation park remains open and is free for you to enjoy.

Dingley Dell Cottage Opening
Sunday, 28th February 2021: 1pm - 4pm

Please visit our website for more information on the Dingley Dell.
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