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Pool Of Siloam

Pool of Siloam

The Pool of Siloam can be found along the Bowman Scene Drive. The Pool is Siloam is reputed to be seven times saltier than the sea and is very popular with visitors and locals who come here for a swim all throughout the year.

Pool of Siloam, Location, Facilities & Entry Fee, Beachport South Australia

Due to its salt content, the Pool of Siloam is very buoyant. Locals also come here regularly for health reasons, as the water is believed to relieve aches and pains for those suffering arthritis. The pool is in a sheltered area, so it is perfect for those learning to swim and for children.

The pool has a range of facilities for visitors including change rooms, cold water showers, toilets and a picnic area. The pool is free to attend.

The pool is one of the many highlights of the Bowman Scenic Drive. So, after you finish with a relaxing dip, hop in the car and take a drive along the coast and check out the many highlights of Beachport including Martin Light House which was constructed in 1960. Look out over the sea and you will be able to view the remains of an old lighthouse which was built in 1877. Penguin Island can be seen in the distance which today is used as a wildlife sanctuary and breeding ground for penguins, fur seals and seagulls.

Other attractions include McArthur Place, Backler’s Lookout and Downs Lookout for spectacular views. Make a stop at Salmon Hole which is a popular fishing spot.

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