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Millicent Murals

Millicent Murals

The Millicent Murals are one of the most popular artistic attractions in Millicent.

Created by talented artist Yvonne Riley, the murals depict the history of the bridge area back in the 1890s and feature a horse and buggy.

Millicent Murals, Large Historic Paintings History & Address Locations, SA

Riley takes inspiration from a photograph obtained from the Millicent Local History Collection.

The artist has also painted other murals located at the southern part of Millicent, this time depicting the 50’s era when the building it was painted on was once a garage. The mural features the ubiquitous sedans, petrol pumps, and utes of the time.

There is another beautiful mural on the facade of the Millicent National Trust Living History Museum, featuring a buggy and a horse.

What makes the Millicent Murals unique is that they have captured some of the most interesting eras in cultural development. They make terrific backgrounds to photos too, so don’t forget your camera.

The Millicent Murals are located along the Northern and Southern entrances of George Street in Millicent, South Australia.

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