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Cave Gardens

Cave Gardens

Mount Gambier’s Cave Gardens are a great place to visit if you love nature and the outdoors. This beautiful garden offers a wide array of things to see, do and explore.

Take a break from the sightseeing and historic tours and come here for a relaxing couple of hours. The Cave Gardens feature a beautiful sinkhole, several lookouts and a suspended viewing platform at the top. It is believed that this sinkhole was the original water source for the early settlers in this area.

Cave Gardens Sinkhole Address & Opening Hours, Mount Gambier SA

Visitors to Cave Gardens can enjoy a scenic walk to the lookouts and the viewing platform to enjoy a broader view of the garden.

Enjoy the spectacular beauty of this manicured garden by looking down from the suspended viewing platform, as from, here you will get a broader view of the garden and the caves.

After a recent re-development project, the area has undergone many changes. Some of the recent re-development works include water filtration, new viewing platforms and floodlighting. For the holiday season, the Cave Gardens are decorated with Christmas lights.

During spring, the gardens are famous for their roses. The Cave Gardens are also a great place for picnicking and many newlywed couples often come here for photographs. The garden’s scenic location and lovely rose garden offer plenty of picturesque spots.

Bay Rd
Mt Gambier, South Australia

Opening Hours
24 hours

Phone Number
1800 087 187


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  • 20 years ago, I visited Cave Garden and I went on a free-of-charge guided tour (by a visitor info centre or Council volunteer/employee) of the below ground cave system. There were illuminated timber stairs and platforms below ground. Do these tours and/or underground access to the actual cave exist and if so, where do I find information on the internet please? All I can find is information on the viewing platforms at ground level and the nightly light show.

    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks for bringing to my attention that this was once a thing.

      I visited Mt Gambier 3 times late last year and have been going there quite frequently since i was a child, and even by running this website now for over 8 years, researching all of the different activity options online and frequently visiting the Lady Nelson Visitor Centre and grabbing all of their tourist brochures, I haven’t seen a mention of an underground tour of the cave gardens.

      I have also done a quick search then and couldn’t find anything either. With the development of the area surrounding the cave gardens over the years, my guess is that they may have had to close this down as a result.

      Feel free to give the visitor centre a call on (08) 8724 9750 to get a definitive answer, but i would be curious if such a thing still exists.