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Eight Mile Creek

Eight Mile Creek

Eight Mile Creek is a small unbounded locality in Grant in South Australia. It is renowned for its stunning bodies of water, which many consider being among the most unique seascapes in the world.

Eight Mile Creek Accommodation, Fishing, Boating & Camping Map, SA

Most of the land in the area is used for agricultural purposes, with a portion of the coastline preserved for conservation purposes. It is well-known for its great biodiversity and marine life. One of the most popular conservation parks is the Ewens Ponds Conservation Park, known for the picturesque Ewen Ponds. The conservation park is home to both aquatic and terrestrial animal life that has been preserved to prevent land clearance and development. Additionally, the physical attributes of the ponds are unique to this part of Australia, which is what makes this park so iconic.

The Ewen Ponds also features a series of limestone sinkholes filled with water. These holes make up part of the Eight Mile Creek, an adventurous stretch for thrill-seekers exploring the area. The highlight of your trip should be swimming in the ponds, recommended for experienced snorkelers and divers. The sheer clarity of the waters is breathtaking, and it allows you to get up close with the colourful marine life. These natural ponds are also clear enough to see the limestone cracks, which usher in cool water currents from nearby caves.

Novice swimmers are recommended to swim at the second pool, which is just 5 meters deep and it has crystal clear views of bubbling water from its rough bottom. The best time to swim in the ponds is during summer. There are no entrance fees, but make sure that you pack the right gear for an unforgettable adventure.

Other attractions near Eight Mile Creek include Port MacDonnell Maritime Museum, the Germein Reserve as well as the Southern Ocean Shipwreck Trail. Accommodation is also available at The Old Mount Gambier Gaol, Motel Mount Gambier and the Comfort Inn Silver Birch. The Eight Mile Creek is a must visit for anyone touring Mount Gambier.

Eight Mile Creek is approximately 24 kilometres from Mount Gambier, and 248 kilometres from the Adelaide.

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