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Millicent Cup

Millicent Cup

The Millicent Cup is a yearly racing event organised by the Millicent Racing Club, whose mission is to provide world-class training facilities to attract participation and income from the industry.

The Millicent Racing Club’s main activity is to supply and maintain training facilities for 50 local horses and as a backup to Mount Gambier, Penola and Naracoorte trainers.

Millicent Cup 2024 Dates, Field & Entry Prices, Mount Gambier SA

On the last Sunday of May, the 2024 Millicent Cup will be held at Mount Gambier Racecourse. Millicent Racing Club is a club from the southeast with a rich racing history.

Millicent Racing Club is one of only two clubs in South Australia (Kimba Racing Club being the other) that no longer has a local home track to hold meetings at. In the 1960s, racecourses were consolidated, especially in the state’s southeast, meaning a few were closed. For Millicent, their racecourse was converted into a training track for the region. The track can still be seen today, and horses are still training on it, with the occasional jump out or trial held there.

Since the 1960s, when the track stopped holding race meetings, Millicent Racing Club has held their annual cup in Mount Gambier or Penola. This year, Millicent heads to Mount Gambier for the 2024 instalment of the storied Cup.

The Mount Gambier Racecourse poses a unique challenge for the Millicent Cup with the iconic dogleg on the home straight. Eight fantastic races are scheduled on the track, with the 2024 Millicent Cup the day’s feature.

Fashion at the Races is always a highlight at the Millicent Cup, with many wonderful styles and personal interpretations on display across the different categories. This year at the Millicent Cup Fashion at the Races, there are seven categories to enter. Best Dressed Female, Best Dressed Male, Best Millinery, Best Dressed Duo, Children’s & Teens Fashion. For the first time at the Millicent Cup, the new ‘Dress for Yourself’ category is debuting. This category is where the traditional Fashion at the Races rules don’t apply and will be at the judge’s discretion.

Millicent, a thriving town in the heart of time country 50km from Mt Gambier, is not only a fascinating, culturally-switched community in its own right but is the gateway to some of the state’s most exciting tourist traps.

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