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Blue Lake

As one of the most visited tourist spots in Mount Gambier, Blue Lake is considered to be the gem of the City’s attractions. It is certainly a unique and breathtaking sight that awes thousands of visitors year after year.

Nestled on a gorgeous volcanic landscape, Blue Lake inhabits one of Mount Gambier’s extinct volcanic craters.

Blue Lake Mount Gambier, Volcano Tour, Address & Map, South Australia

Whilst offering many awe-inspiring scenic spots of Mount Gambier and its volcanic crater, the Blue Lake also boasts a vibrant cobalt blue colour from December to March each year. From April through November, the lake turns to a darker steel grey colour.

The Blue Lake offers a walking trail that is 3.6 kilometres long, directing visitors to each viewing platform dotted around the Lake. The trail also leads to the underpass between the Leg of Mutton Lake crater and the Blue Lake.

Guided Aquifer Tours take you to the pumping station and a viewing platform not too far above the water’s edge.

There are several accommodation options for those who wish to stay near the lake, including the Blue Lake Holiday Park. The Park offers accommodation for all budgets, including caravan sites, camping sites, private cabins, and cottages. Check out the accommodation options listed below.

Significant sites within the vicinity of Blue Lake are the Valley Lake crater, Leg of Mutton crater, and other volcanic viewing platforms. Some tours last 45 minutes to one hour, so make sure you bring your walking shoes!

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    • Hi Joylene,

      You will find that you should be able to park your car and caravan at most of the lookout points around the lake.

      Although one area does have angled parking, there is ample on-street parking around the lake to pull up.

      The lookout located at bay Rd and John Watson Drive is usually the most popular – with multiple lanes that would suit.


    • Hi Lesley,

      I can be 100% as i am not in Mount Gambier at the moment, but looking at people’s Instgram photos over the last week, it does appear to be pretty blue in colour – now that winter is over.

      However, please note that the level of the sunshine and cloud cover on the day will impact the vibrancy of the water.


  • Hi,
    My partner and I are regular divers. We know if you want to snorkel / dive at Pincanninie Ponds you need a permit. Can you dive in the Blue Lake? If so where is the best entry point etc?

    • Hi Jess,

      It’s stated on Wikipedia that “During December to March, the Blue Lake turns to a vibrant cobalt blue colour; returning to a colder steel grey colour for April to November”.

      SO based on you arriving in September, odds are it will still be the grey colour mentioned. As the blue colour is linked to the temperature of the water, I wouldn’t expect the blue colour to return until we start seeing warmer temperatures at the end of spring. With the maximums still only reaching 16 this week, we are still a while off.


    • Hi,

      I assume you have plotted out your route and can see that most drives will take you north of the Grampians in Victoria before you head over the VIC/SA border at Bordertown. Mount Gambier is 200kms south of Bordertown, so is very much out of your way.

      You will be in the middle of winter in July, so the Blue Lake is most likely to be a darker steel grey colour at this time of year.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Heather,

      Yes, you will find picnic tables scattered around. There are also some great spots at the nearby Valley Lake. So maybe take a drive around the Blue Lake, hop out at the various lookout point, then head over to Valley Lake (2 mins drive) and enjoy a quiet picnic there.

      Have a great time in Mount Gambier!

    • Hi Rudy,

      No free camping right near the Blue Lake, however I understand the Mt. Gambier Showgrounds may offer free camping there.

      There are of course paid caravan parks located nearby, but perhaps not what you are looking for.

      Kind regards,

      • Camping at the Showgrounds is $15 per couple unpowered and $22 powered & $25 family. Might be less for solo and is more for children.

        Personally Mt gambier is not all that RV friendly but a great destination nonetheless:)

    • Hi Divya,

      I think the best time to visit Mount Gambier is around October / November. This is spring time and the sun will be warming things up and the flowers will be in bloom! The Blue Lake is also very clear at this time.

      In terms of how many days, I would probably stay around 4 nights. Spend one day exploring Mount Gambier town, one day exploring Coonawarra and the Naracoorte Caves, another day up near Tantanoola (to the Tantanoola Caves) and Millicent and another day down at the coast, perhaps around Port Macdonnell. If you are up for a drive, Robe is a beautiful little sea-side town which is about 1.5 hour drive north.

      As for what to see in town, these are the best attractions: Blue Lake, Engelbrecht Cave, Umpherston Sinkhole and Valley Lake. You can find a list of all the attractions here.

      There are some great accommodation providers in town, the Barn is very popular and serves some of the best steaks around, and Colhurst House is a beautiful Bed and Breakfast. You can browse through the various types available here.

      I hope this information is helpful and have a great time in Mount Gambier!

      Kind regards,

  • Hi,
    We are looking to stop at Mount Gambier on our way to Alice Springs in December. We are travelling with our two dogs and wondering if we can have our dogs on leash while discovering the Blue Lake? Also they go with us to the Little Blue Lake? If you have any other information on attractions we can see with our dogs that would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Jessica,

      Yes, you can absolutely take your dogs with you on a leash to the Blue Lake. The Blue Lake is not a swimming lake and is best enjoyed by taking the 3.5km walk around the rim. Something I am sure your dogs will love!

      The Little Blue Lake operates in much the same way, except there is no path. It would only take a few minutes to walk around as it is only around 200m in circumference.

      As for other attractions, you cannot take your dogs into any of the caves including Cave Gardens, the Umpherston Sinkhole or the Engelbrecht Cave. However, you can certainly take your dogs into the parklands surrounding these areas, just not physically inside the caves. I would recommend you take your dogs a long walk around the Valley Lakes (on leash) or maybe up to Centenary Tower.

      Here is a handy map of all the off leash dog areas in Mount Gambier that you might find useful.

      Have a great trip to Mount Gambier!

      Kind regards,

    • Hi Kellie,

      Yes, it is very easy to navigate your way around the Blue Lake with a pram. There are paved pathways going around most of the lake. There are also a number of lookout spots that don’t require you to traverse stairs or anything. Its a really lovely walk around the lake, so I hope you enjoy it!

      Kind regards,

  • Hi there, I would love to check out the Blue Lake. Coming in April 2017, but hubby wants to know if there is any fishing nearby (I assume you can’t fish in the lake) and what sort of fish might he catch?
    Cheers, Gayle

    • Hi Gayle,

      You are correct, fishing is not permitted in the Blue Lake. However, your husband can go fishing at the Little Blue Lake at Mount Schank where he may find redfin perch. Carpenter Rocks is also a good spot where he may find salmon and mullet.

      I also recommend you check out some of the online fishing forums for the latest fishing conditions and what he is likely to catch.

      Have a great time in Mount Gambier and enjoy the beautiful Blue Lake!

      Kind regards,

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