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Beachport Jetty

The city of Beachport is widely known for the Beachport Jetty. Considered one of the most beautiful jetties in South Australia, the Beachport Jetty extends over the waters of Rivoli Bay and offers some beautiful scenic spots across the bay.

Many local anglers come here to fish off the side of the jetty, and fishermen often go home with mullet, salmon, Whiting, and Mulloway.

Beachport Jetty Fishing, South Australia

This is the second-longest jetty in South Australia. The Beachport Jetty used the stand at over 1.2kms in length, now the jetty stands at 772 metres.

The Beachport Jetty area boasts beautiful sandy beaches stretching around the bay. Those wishing to take a dip in the water can take part in one of the many activities on offer, such as swimming, surfing, skiing, or just relaxing on the beach.

Beachport also boasts several water bodies. Hence, the area is popular for squid fishing, as its waters contain an abundance of fish varieties.

Those looking for a scenic drive can visit Beachport Jetty and take the Bowman Scenic Drive, which takes you along the coast of this beautiful area. This drive offers scenic views of the Southern Ocean and its coastal dunes.

While visiting the Beachport Jetty, you can also explore the popular Beachport Conservation Park. The area offers an array of spectacular coastal scenery and a number of activities and attractions for visitors, including camping, four-wheel driving, swimming, and fishing.

Visitors to the Beachport Jetty can also visit nearby Lake George to see its magnificent birdlife. Those looking forward to a trip to Beachport Jetty and its surroundings should contact the Visitor Information Centre located on Millicent Road to learn more about the area.

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