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Main Corner Complex

Main Corner Complex

Main Corner Complex is one of Mount Gambier’s newest attractions. This exciting modern building and garden house several innovative entertainment and education venues.

Though a variety of exhibitions and multimedia displays, the Main Corner Complex tells the story of Mount Gambier and its people.

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Whether you are a local or a tourist, why not pop by to see the free daily screening of a film about Mount Gambier’s unique attraction, the mountain itself. The fascinating film ‘Volcano’ tells the tale of the geological disturbance that created Mount Gambier and is usually shown twice daily, at 11am and 1pm. It is a must-see for anyone with an interest in geology. Find out more by visiting the First Floor Theatre, where a first-class cinematic experience will tell you more about the area’s unique geological history and show you the beautiful blue lake, caverns and crystal pools that you may see on your tours around the region.

Be sure to make a visit in the evening also, when there are a sound and light display in the cave garden. Gentle, coloured lights shine out from the cave and images of ancient creatures move across the rock face, as mystical music plays in the background. Dreamtime stories of the Aborigines are told here and a replica has been created of some ancient rock engravings. The sound and light show is held every evening between 8.30 – 8.45pm (9.00 – 9.15pm during daylight saving time). Though during the day, there is still plenty to be seen including an information film which is part of the cave display.

Alongside the various venues that are offered for hire, the Main Corner Complex also houses the largest regional art gallery in South Australia, which is known as the Riddoch Gallery. This gallery shows state and national touring exhibitions and also provides gallery space for artists from the local community. Also housed here are intriguing exhibitions on the history of Mount Gambier, including the tale of Australia’s oldest boomerang.