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Riddoch Arts and Cultural Centre

The Riddoch Arts and Cultural Centre (previously known as the Main Corner Complex) is one of Mount Gambier’s most popular attractions. This exciting modern building and garden house has several innovative entertainment and education venues.

The Riddoch Arts and Cultural Centre tells the story of Mount Gambier and its people through various exhibitions and multimedia displays.

Riddoch Arts and Cultural Centre, Volcano, Opening Hours, Mount Gambier

Whether you are a local or a tourist, why not pop by to see the free daily screening of a film about Mount Gambier’s unique attraction, the mountain itself. The fascinating film ‘Volcano’ tells the tale of the geological disturbance that created Mount Gambier and is shown twice daily during the week and once on the weekend (Monday to Friday at 11am & 2pm and Saturday & Sunday at 11am).

It is a must-see for anyone with an interest in geology. Find out more by visiting the First Floor Theatre, where a first-class cinematic experience will tell you more about the area’s unique geological history and show you the beautiful blue lake, caverns and crystal pools you may see on your tours around the region.

At 7:30pm every night, there is a prelude with the rear wall of The Riddoch Arts & Cultural Centre coming alive with photos and footage highlighting Mount Gambier’s European heritage and history. This historical presentation is replaced with curated animations and projection art during special events.

At 8:30pm every night, a spectacular sound and light show tells the Dreamtime stories of our Boandik Peoples and their connection to the Cave Garden/Thugi and the Blue Lake/Warwar.

Alongside the various venues offered for hire, the Riddoch Arts and Cultural Centre also houses the largest regional art gallery in South Australia, known as the Riddoch Gallery. This gallery shows state and national touring exhibitions and provides gallery space for artists from the local community.

Also housed here are intriguing exhibitions on the history of Mount Gambier, including the tale of Australia’s oldest boomerang.


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    • Hi Bob, thanks for contacting us.

      As most of the attractions in Mt. Gambier are outdoors (without opening hours), there are plenty of things to do on New Years Day.

      The Blue Lake is open 24/7 so you can take a drive around the lake and stop for a look. You can also climb up to Centenary Tower, that is if you have the energy after New Years Eve!

      I would recommend visiting Engelbrecht Cave which is open on New Years Day. This is a beautiful cave located within the Mt. Gambier township. Not far from here (5 mins drive) is the Umpherston Sinkhole which is a beautiful garden, but I would recommend going later in the afternoon/dusk so you can see the possums come out to feed.

      If you have access to a car, I would definitely recommend a trip out to the Tantanoola Caves and Naracoorte Caves, both of which are open on public holidays.

      Restaurants are not our specialty, but I can certainly make a recommendation from personal experience. Without a doubt, the best restaurant near Mt. Gambier is The Barn. They serve delicious meals including the best steak I’ve had in a very long time. The service is impeccable, but I would recommend giving them a call to make a reservation early, as they often book out ahead of time. Find their details here.

      If you need to sort your accommodation, we have links to most of the providers in the area here.

      I hope you enjoy your trip to Mt. Gambier!

      Holiday Point

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Public Holidays: 10am - 2pm

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