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Stephen Henty Lookout

Stephen Henty Lookout

The Stephen Henty Lookout is a popular lookout attraction in Mount Gambier; named after the first white man to traverse the area of Mount Gambier in 1839.

Henty also determined back then that the Blue Lake and Valley Lake would be important water sources for settlers in the future.

Stephen Henty Lookout, Blue Lake Viewpoint & Address, Mount Gambier

Aside from its historical significance, the lookout is a terrific spot for visitors to enjoy panoramic views of Blue Lake, which is set in the crater of an extinct volcano. A bronze plaque in commemoration of Henty is also found in one of the rocks by the lookout.

The Blue Lake has a breathtakingly beautiful shade of cobalt blue when you visit on a sunny day during the warmer months.

After stopping by the Stephen Henty Lookout, there are several hiking trails around the lake that are ideal for a mildly challenging stroll for a bit of exercise with a view.

Stephen Henty was so spellbound by the lake that he wrote about it in his diaries, and there is no doubt that visitors will feel the same once they see its natural beauty. It’s no wonder that the Blue Lake has become a major attraction in Mount Gambier and the whole Limestone Coast!

Though swimming in the lake is not permitted, you can take a dip in some of the other nearby sinkholes.

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