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Tantanoola Caves

Top 5 Caves Every Enthusiast Should Visit In Australia

If you’re a cave enthusiast, you can never go wrong by picking Australia as your next travel destination. As a country with plenty of national parks to explore, you find magnificent spots where dozens of caves are waiting for you to pay a visit.

Take a look at our top five picks for every enthusiast to explore in Australia.

Engelbrecht Cave

Top 5 Caves Every Enthusiast Should Visit In Australia

Located in the Mount Gambier region in South Australia, the Engelbrecht Cave is a water-filled cave consisting of several tunnels and caverns. Cave divers often flock here due to its scenic and natural allure, but not before the Lions Club of Mount Gambier restored it in 1979.

Today, the Engelbrecht Cave is a thriving tourist attraction; with a total of 164 steps leading into the magnificent cave. After the tour, you can relax at the on-site cafe while taking in the view of the limestone cave below.

Jandamarra’s Hideout

In the Kimberley region of Western Australia, one of the things you wouldn’t want to miss is the opportunity to experience the secret caves in Tunnel Creek. Learn about the diverse wildlife, get to see the beautiful stalactites and explore Jandamarra’s hideout where the Aboriginal leader was killed at the cave’s entrance.

Capricorn Caves

If you want an exciting find, then head over to Queensland where the Capricorn Caves defies the norms. The limestone playground even offers those in wheelchairs the opportunity to explore the cave with its wheelchair-friendly tours.

You can see the interesting variety of natural fauna and flora, while the Cathedral Chamber is open for couples who wish to tie the knot within the natural acoustics on the cave.

Gunns Plain Cave

Gunns Plain Cave in Tasmania is known for its flowstones, calcites, and the cave’s curious story. In the year 1906, a hunter named Bill Woodhouse was out with his dog hunting for possums when the canine fell into a hole. Desperate to retrieve his beloved companion, Woodhouse entered the hole, and it was then that he found the cave illuminated by glow worms.

The underground river that formed the cave still flows, and the untouched beauty makes it a go-to to spot for everyone who loves to go caving.

Buchanan Caves Reserve

The Buchanan Caves Reserve in Victoria is famous for its Fairy Cave and Royal Cave where visitors enjoy different tours filled with fascinating stories – courtesy of the travel guides. The Fairy Cave houses many chambers, stalactites and stalagmites, while the Royal Cave is known for its calcite-rimmed pools.

Both caves are well-lit thanks to electricity but are naturally well-ventilated – offering a steady 15 degrees Celsius.

There’s nothing like exploring the depths of the caves found in Australia. The call of the unknown waiting to be found inside the caves is something people crave to experience. Nothing beats the feeling of exploring a new-world hidden in plain sight, and this is precisely what these five caves offer.

Make sure to mark them on your bucket list and to bring a friend along on your next caving adventure!

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