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Aquifer Tours

Aquifer Tours

Aquifer Tours are a big tourist draw at the Blue Lake in Mount Gambier. This major tourist attraction site was first discovered by Joe Cantu, Preston Knodell and Al Brandt who were students at St. Mary’s University, in March 1960. It is owned and operated by two people, Garry and Trish Turner.

The water of the Blue Lake is pure, clean and crystal clear. In late November, the colour of the Lake changes its colour from blue to grey. Thereafter, the colour gradually fades and disappears to regain its original blue colour after summer. The reason for the disappearance is still a mystery.

Blue Lake Aquifer Tours, Times & Prices, Mount Gambier SA

The Aquifer Tours consist of a 200-meter walk down through a slight slope into the pumping station. On 14th steps from the pumping station, there is a lift which leads to an 80-metre tunnel which in turn leads to a viewing platform.

Aquifer Tours are a great experience. The team at the tour are dedicated to providing a quality and satisfying service which gives detailed information about one of South Australia’s most popular attraction sites. The tour has professional tour guides who are able to explain the geological activity in the area, the significance of the landform, early European settlement at the South East of South Australia, the Pumping Station, the Blue Lake, the legends of the Boandik tribe who lived in the area and many other local stories of the region.

There is no doubt that this is an exciting and fun place to go and enjoy some time with your family and friends. So if you are looking for an enjoyable adventure, add the Aquifer Tours to your list of things to do whilst visiting Mount Gambier.

Cnr Bay Road & John Watson Drive
Mt Gambier, South Australia

Opening Hours
Nov - Jan: 9am - 5pm
Feb - May: 9am - 2pm
Jun - Aug: 9am - 12pm
Sept - Oct: 9am - 2pm
Tours conducted hourly

Phone Number
(08) 8723 1199


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