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Robe Beach

Robe Beach

Robe Beach is a safe, family-friendly beach and a popular attraction in Robe. Also known as Long Beach, one of its unique features is that you can drive your car directly onto the sand during the summer when the sand is firm.

It’s quite a sight to see hundreds of vehicles lined up on the beach during January.

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Visitors looking for a special getaway in South Australia should come to check out this beach; especially during the warm summer months.

As the primary surf destination in Robe, it offers a spacious and wide surf zone accompanied by moderate breakers that spill onto the beach.

If you enjoy fishing, you’ll be glad to know there are several great places within Long Beach suitable for fishing. These include the low rocky headlands, breakwater, and the jetty.

Beach fishing is also common along the beach itself, while boat fishing is best done over the reefs and in the Bay. Some of the fish commonly caught in the area include salmon, flathead, whiting, garfish, mullet, and snapper.

The safest part of Robe Beach to swim in is at the southern pedestrian end, where rips are absent. Other parts of the beach may be dangerous on days when the waves are half a metre in height.

Entrance to Robe Beach is free of charge. Facilities include a public toilet and car park.

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