Blue Lake

Blue Lake

As one of the most-visited tourist spots in Mt Gambier, the Blue Lake is considered as one unique and breathtaking attractions of the town and South Australia.

Nestled on a gorgeous volcanic landscape, the Blue Lake inhabits on one of the extinct volcanic craters of Mt Gambier. While offering some awe-inspiring scenic spots of Mount Gambier and its volcanic crater, the Blue Lake also boasts dense cerulean water during the month of November till February. While in November the lake water turns dark turquoise blue, it turns back to somber grey during April. There are a number of theories behind the mysterious colour change mechanism of this lake water.

Blue Lake, Mt Gambier, South Australia

Tourists come to Mount Gambier to see its mysterious Blue Lake, its attractions and the nearby volcanic craters.

The Blue Lake offers a walking trail of 3.6 kilometre long that offers the guests an access to numerous viewing points and also to the underpass between the Leg of Mutton Lake crater and the Blue Lake.

Several guided group and private tours are available for the guests. Each tour will take you through the trail around the Blue Lake to show its view point near the craters, tunnels and valley areas. Volcano discovery trail is one popular activity in the Blue Lake area.

Significant sites within the vicinity of the Blue Lake are the Valley Lake crater, Leg of Mutton crater and other volcanic viewing platforms. Some tours last around 45 minutes to one hour across the Blue Lake and its surrounding areas.

This monolithic lake area in Mount Gambier also boasts an array of Australian flora and fauna.

Blue Lake Information

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John Watson Drive, Mt Gambier

Operating Hours:

24 hours as the lake is opposite a public road

Phone: 1800 087 187



  • Jessy John

    Does the cobalt blue colour stay till July end. Got friends coming over in July. Wanted them to see the cobalt blue colour. Please advice.


    • Hi Jessy,

      Unfortunately, the “Blue Lake” isn’t exactly the beautiful blue colour that is seen around summer. It has been described that the lake turns a “steel grey” colour from April to October.

      Have said that, it’s still a great sight and there is plenty of things to do in Mt Gambier.


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