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Hundred of Comaum Vineyard

Hundred of Comaum Vineyard The Hundreds of Comaum is a quaint and scenic vineyard purchased by the present owner from the Gartner Family in 2007. Stephen Moignard is the newest owner and CEO of this beautiful vineyard in Coonawarra. Even before Stephen took over this vineyard, Hundreds of Comaum was a popular producer of some […]

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Koonara Wines

Koonara Wines The family Koonara Wines is a popular wine producer in Coonawarra and South Australia. This winery uses their own farm-grown grapes for creating authentic hand-crafted wines. Koonara Wines always emphasise their traditional hand pruning and wine making methods, with an aim is to create quality wines. Their vineyard property is always low yielding […]

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DiGiorgio Family Wines

DiGiorgio Family Wines DiGiorgio Family Wines is a popular family-owned winery in Coonawarra. With an aim to produce some excellent quality wines, the DiGiorgio family started this business many years ago. This Italian family moved to Australia in 1952 and the founder Stefano started this winery with an ambition to create excellent hand-crafted wines. Even […]

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Parker Coonawarra Estate

Parker Coonawarra Estate Parker Coonawarra Estate is a popular winery and vineyard in Coonawarra. In fact, it is one of the premier blend wine producers of South Australia. The winery is situated approximately three and half hours from the city of Adelaide and about four hours from Melbourne. Therefore, this winery is often visited by […]

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Patrick of Coonawarra

Patrick of Coonawarra At the Patrick of Coonawarra Vineyards, the winemakers are committed to create some of the finest and authentic tasting wines. When you taste their wines, you can make out the differences, with each reflecting an authentic varietal characteristic, a strong taste, and an elegant texture. That is the trademark of any wine […]

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Zema Estate

Zema Estate Zema Estate is another popular winery, established in 1982 in Coonawarra. The winery and vineyard of Zema is a quaint, small, and family-owned facility. Due to the terra rossa soil, this vineyard is able to produce high-quality grapes very year, managing every single step from vine to wine. The Zema family uses their […]

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Mt Gambier Accommodation & SA Tourism, Australia

Nestled amid the gorgeous landscapes in SA, Mt Gambier is a must-see destination for any visitor. Just halfway between Melbourne and Adelaide, Mt Gambier is a highly preferred tourism hotspot among the locals and tourists in Australia. With its stunning geographic features, scenic natural spots, surrounding verdant lush forest and the gorgeous coastline, this truly is a paradise in South Australia.

With many sightseeing spots and business opportunities, Mt Gambier is a popular destination among the vacationers and those on business in Australia. To accommodate every guest, there is a number of Mt Gambier accommodation choices; including hotels, motels, apartments and hostels.

It is also a great place to retire, as this country town boasts a serene atmosphere and an array of excellent small communities. For those visiting for a business purpose or vacation should choose their accommodation carefully, as there are plenty of cheap choices around.

For budget travelers and backpackers, there is interesting lodging options at the old jail. Of course, such accommodation will give you a unique and exciting experience inside a revamped prison.

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