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Germein Reserve
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Germein Reserve

The Germein Reserve is one of Mount Gambier’s hidden gems and an enchanting destination for outdoor enthusiasts looking to take a break from city life.

This attraction located in Port MacDonnell boasts of vibrant flora and fauna native to the region, all of which have been carefully preserved to conserve it for future generations.

Germein Reserve Walking Trails & Wildlife Picnics, Port MacDonnell, SA

Germain Reserve is an incredible 55-hectare reserve, initially established back in 1978. It’s best known for its scenic boardwalk that allows visitors to see a great variety of local flora, as well as natural wetland areas.

The reserve is named after Ben Germain, the first lighthouse keeper of Cape Northumberland. Local community groups work hand in hand to make sure that the reserve is kept pristine and sustainable.

Upon arrival, head out to the boardwalk and take a quiet walk as you soak in the tranquil settings. The boardwalk takes you through the natural habitats, where you get a glimpse of beautiful endemic plants as well as animals that live in the wetlands.

The reserve is home to many species of wildlife that you may stumble across during your visit; these include the Swamp Wallaby, Ringtail Possums, Swamp Skink, Tiger snakes, and Echidnas. Birds thrive in the area, and it wouldn’t be difficult to spot a few species: Honeyeaters, Wrens, and the elusive Crested Shrike Tit are visible in the woodlands.

The reserve is also home to some of the world’s endangered species of birds: Sandpipers, the Orange Bellied Parrot, the Royal Spoonbill, and Ibis. Underwater, the waters are a sanctuary for the Southern Pygmy Perch, Blackfish, and the Short Finned Eel. For safe bird observation that will not disrupt the local ecology, you can go to the shelter shed found near the Blackfish Lagoon.

Don’t forget to take a tour of the many scenic trails around the reserve, which range from 750 meters up to 1,250 meters in length. Trails start at the following spots: Lions Park, Clarke Park, and Dingley Dell. The trail that runs from Lions Park to the Frog Park Walk is wheelchair friendly, too.

Germain Flora and Fauna Reserve is an integral part of the local ecology. Visitors are urged to do their part in conservation; you can do this by not touching or disturbing animals and plants.

The park does not permit motorbikes and fires, but if you’d like to get a barbecue in for the day, you can head over to the nearby Clarke Park Picnic Ground or Lions Park. Camping and pets are not allowed. If you visit during the winter months, it is recommended to bring waterproof jackets and shoes.

Germein Reserve is maintained by community volunteers and the Port MacDonnell Landcare Group.

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