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Germein Reserve
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Germein Reserve

The Germein Reserve is one of Mount Gambier’s hidden gems; a truly enchanting destination for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a break from city life. This attraction located in Port MacDonnell boasts of vibrant flora and fauna native to the region, all of which have been carefully preserved to conserve it for future generations.

Germein Reserve Walking Trails & Wildlife Picnics, Port MacDonnell, SA

Upon arrival, head out to the boardwalk and take a quiet walk as you soak in the tranquil settings. The boardwalk takes you through the natural habitats, where you get a glimpse of beautiful endemic plants as well as animals that live in the wetlands.

A closer glimpse reveals the process of natural regeneration which allows the reserve to have a sense of continuity. Some of the animal species that you can expect to see include the ringtail possums, the echidnas, the swamp wallaby, and the brown-striped marsh frog. If you are lucky, you may even spot the swamp antechinus, also known as the little Tasmanian marsupial mouse. It’s an elusive creature, but your chances of seeing it at night are higher since it forages for insects as food.

Bird lovers will also appreciate Germein Reserve; it’s home to ducks, wrens, honeyeaters, and swans. The orange-bellied parrot, an endangered species, is often a highlight for many nature enthusiasts. Other species that are present at the reserve include the crested Shrike Tit and the Royal Spoonbill.

Don’t forget to take a tour on the many scenic trails around the reserve, which range from 750 meters up to 1,250 meters in length. Trails start at the following spots: Lions Park, Clarke Park, and Dingley Dell. The trail that runs from Lions Park to the Frog Park Walk is wheelchair friendly, too.

The reserve has numerous activities and attractions that are ideal for family adventures, but make sure you bring the right shoes for comfort and safety.

Germein Reserve is maintained by community volunteers and the Port MacDonnell Landcare Group.

Dingley Dell Rd
Port MacDonnell, SA

Opening Hours
24 Hours

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(08) 8738 8070

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