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GovHack is the biggest government and open data hacking competition in Australia. It’s open to coders as well as designers, activists, analysts, journalists, or anyone who wants to learn more about tapping into the power of unlocking the vast amount of data provided by the government.

Most of all, it celebrates the capacity of technical capacity of individuals who participate, as it can help promote the use of data in driving economic and social change.

GovHack Mount Gambier 2022 Event Competition Dates & Location

The two-day event has been organised and run by volunteers since its inception in 2009. Over 48 hours, teams of hackers collaborate to solve problems, build prototypes, publish code in an open-source format, create short videos explaining what they did, and much more. The projects involve mobile, web, 3D, augmented reality applications, and other mediums.

Teams are a maximum of 10, although organisers recommend forming smaller groups of 3-5, as these teams have seen greater chances of success in the past.

Everyone is open to join GovHack: entrepreneurs, data analysts, engineers, developers, digital media creators, filmmakers, academics, researchers, and more. There are no limits to what you can create with data; in the past, there have been digital signs, jewellery, art, historic film pieces, board games, 3D models, informed articles, web apps, and data visualisation to name a few.

The chosen winners will be given prizes depending on sponsors for the year’s event; these may include cash prizes, as well as special opportunities. Lucky winners may also be entitled to hotel and flights to the GovHack Red Carpet Awards.

GovHack is an all-ages event. Those under 18 may join even without the supervision of a parent or guardian. It takes place at the Mount Gambier Library, located at 6 Watson Terrace in Mount Gambier, South Australia. Food will be catered throughout the weekend.

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