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Cape Jaffa

Cape Jaffa

Cape Jaffa is a historic town located within the Limestone Coast region in South Australia.

Also known as “The Cape”, this area is renowned for its picturesque coastline, world-class wine region, and stunning natural attractions.

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The Coorong wetlands, which start at the mouth of the beautiful River Murray to the north of Kingston SE, is another popular attraction near Cape Jaffa. Its name is derived from ‘karang’, an Aboriginal word which means narrow neck. It’s over 130km in length and in some areas, it’s 500 meters wide. The Coorong is an important sanctuary for native flora and fauna, and several species of wildlife, while its waterways and lagoons are home to over 200 kinds of birds.

The Bernouilli Conservation Reserve is located just a short walk from The Cape. It’s home to the remnants of the Lighthouse Cottages, which served as the home of the lightkeepers working at the historic Cape Jaffa Lighthouse. This site is a significant point of interest in Australian maritime history; it was initially called Cape Bernouilli by Nicholas Baudin back in 1802. The Cape Jaffa Lighthouse is equally important; it’s now found on the foreshore of Kingston SE.

South of Cape Jaffa is Wrights Bay; a less-known attraction but worth visiting because of its sheer beauty. This is the best place to witness the stunning scenery of the Limestone Coast. Some of the great activities to enjoy here include four-wheel driving and fishing for salmon and Mulloway,

Wine enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the Limestone Coast Wine and Food Trail. There are enough wineries and delicious food to fill up several days of tasting the superb flavours of this renowned wine-producing region.

Other attractions worth visiting while in Cape Jaffa include the Butcher Gap Conservation Park and the Woakwine Cutting.

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