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Popular for the Tantanoola Tiger and the Tantanoola Caves, Tantanoola is a conveniently located area off the Princes Highway along the Limestone Coast. Often termed as the ‘Jewel of the South East’, the award-winning cave is a popular tourist destination in South Australia.

The Tantanoola Caves boast a large pink dolomite cavern with an array of glistening rock formations. Tantanoola Caves is one of the few wheelchair accessible caves in Australia. With numerous picturesque spots, this cave offers a unique experience to all visitors.

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The visitor’s centre at the caves offers tourists an overview of the history and geology of the area. The Tantanoola Caves is the sole pink dolomite cave in Australia.

While visiting the caves, guests can visit the Tantanoola Caves Conservation Park; this stunning cave conservation park is located on a beautiful landscape adjacent to an ancient cliff and coastline.

You can also drive along the expansive ridge of the Woakwine Range Wind Farms in the southern hemisphere. Visitors can also do a picnic at the picturesque picnic grounds near the cliff and go on a walking trail to check out the panoramic views of the neighbourhood.

The Tantanoola Tiger is also a popular attraction in this area. Tourists can visit the tiger display at the Tantanoola Hotel. There are several theories behind this mysterious predator. Some theories claim it as an Assyrian wolf and some say that it is a tiger. However, the exact theory for this animal species is still unclear.

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