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The Bowman Scenic Drive

The Bowman Scenic Drive is a rugged coastal drive that many people undertake during their visit to Beachport in South Australia.

Constructed by the Wattle Range Council, this drive will take you past some of the most beautiful scenery along the coast.

The Bowman Scenic Drive, Map & Lookout Locations, Beachport SA

The route was constructed in 1967, with several stages completed over the years. The starting point of the drive is at the roundabout located at Railway Terrace and Beach Road.

From the starting point, turn right at the roundabout and drive up Beach Road to Glenn’s Point. You will find a carpark where you can get out and walk to the Cape Martin Light House, constructed in 1960. Look out over the sea, and you can view the remains of an old lighthouse built in 1877. Penguin Island can be seen in the distance, and it is used today as a wildlife sanctuary and breeding ground for penguins, fur seals, and seagulls.

From this point, continue on the drive to McArthur Place. Along the way, you will stop at various viewpoints to view the rocky outcrops along the shoreline. Make sure to stop at Backler’s Lookout and Downs Lookout for spectacular views. Also, make a stop at Salmon Hole, a popular fishing spot.

The blowholes at Bartlett Rocks are also a popular attraction along the drive, where you can view three blowholes that erupt with strong wind and waves. Those with four-wheeled vehicles can continue along the track from this point.

For those turning back at this point, check out the Pool of Siloam, where people often go for a swim. The pool has showers on site, and the lake is known to be seven times saltier than the ocean.

So, next time you are in the area, make sure to drive along the Bowman Scenic Drive to make the most of your trip to South Australia.

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