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Wattle Range

Wattle Range

Wattle Range is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Limestone Coast. It spans from Beachport Coast to the Victoria border, and this stretch from the sea to the border gives it great biodiversity amongst its stunning attractions.

Wattle Range, Millicent & Naracoorte Accommodation, SA Map

Wattle Range is best known for its agricultural industry; evident in the numerous sheep, cattle, and dairy farms. Viticulture also plays a key role in the local economy, since the Wattle Range is home to the iconic Coonawarra Wine region. The region’s wines are recognized internationally for their excellent quality; in part attributed to the terra rossa soils.

During the last few years, Wattle Range has seen a boom in the tourism sector as more travellers discover the numerous picturesque attractions. Coonawarra attracts wine enthusiasts while Beachport is loved for its sheer expanse of white sandy beaches that are perfect for a seaside holiday.

For nature lovers, explore Mount Muirhead Lookout where you will find breathtaking views. Look out for the Mount Burr Range, the nearby Millicent Flats, as well as the various forested areas. Alternatively, unwind at the popular Millicent Swimming Lake, a unique attraction equipped with pools where you can refresh on a hot day.

Make your way to Jubilee Park and relax in an oasis of serene tranquillity that caters for people of all ages. For those whose kids love a rush of adrenaline, Millicent Skatepark is a must-visit. This park is designed to cater to skaters of all abilities.

History buffs will appreciate every minute on Petticoat Lane, a quaint heritage location best loved for its historic yet elegant cottages. The timber and stone cottages have stood the test of time, and still maintained their charm.

Other attractions worth exploring at Wattle Range include Penola Conservation Park, Mary Mackillop Penola Centre as well as the Living History Museum. Nearby, there is also the Smelt’s Road Forest and the Calectasia Conservation Park.

To get to Wattle Range, turn right on Millicent, left on Delaneys Road, then continue on Oneils La. Take a sharp right on Camerons Road in Furner, then you’ll arrive at Camerons Road in Wattle Range.

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