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The Furner township was established in 1886. Gradually, this small South Australian town developed and became economically strong. This historic town was named after a member of Wallaroo, Mr. Luke Liddiard Furner. Mr. Furner was also the Commissioner for Public Works.

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Known for its scenic spots and beautiful landscape, Furner offers a wonderful setting for visitors to this area to enjoy. The Kangaroo Inn in Furner has the sole unlicensed liquor trade.

For those looking for some shopping in Furner, they can go to the Mail Route near the Kangaroo Inn area. Local flea markets at Kangaroo Inn’s district are also a great backdrop for shoppers.

Calectasia is a conservation park near Furner. It is a great setting to enjoy some outdoor adventure, walking trails and picnics.

Most of the attractions in Furner are located in the nearby townships of Penola and Millicent. Visitors can choose to visit any of these towns to tour, shop and enjoy some great outdoor scenic adventures.

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