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Mount Burr Forest Reserve

Mount Burr Forest Reserve

Mount Burr Forest Reserve is located in Mount Burr, a quaint town located 50 kms Northeast of Mount Gambier, and attracts tourists all year round.

The forest reserve was named after Thomas Burr, the Deputy Surveyor of the town during the late 19th Century.

Mount Burr Forest Reserve Camping, Map & Address, South Australia

Owing to the large forested areas, Mount Burr has a flourishing industry in the forestry sector, so it is not unusual for visitors to come across trucks transporting timber across town.

One of the key attractions at the expansive forest reserve is the presence of endangered species of different animals. The southern brown bandicoot, for instance, is endangered, but those visiting the forest reserve at Mount Burr may be lucky to see a few of these short-nosed mammals. The red-necked wallaby, a marsupial that closely resembles the kangaroo can also be seen within the forest reserve. Emus are also a common sight at the Mount Burr Forest Reserve.

Bird-lovers will also enjoy bird watching at the forest reserve as there are more than 60 species of birds. The red wattlebird, the yellow-tailed black cockatoo as well as the eastern yellow robin are common sightings at the forest reserve.

Other activities that visitors can engage in include bushwalking whilst viewing the diverse flora and fauna, picnicking, as well as visiting heritage sites such as the Noolook Bark Mill and Offices. Visitors must take note that certain activities at Mount Burr Forest Reserve require a permit. These include caving, horse riding and canoeing on Lake Edward. The Reserve is a sure way to enjoy nature at its best.


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