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Cape Jaffa Anchorage

Cape Jaffa Anchorage

Cape Jaffa Anchorage is a charming coastal town famous for its idyllic seaside lifestyle.

It’s particularly popular among boating and yachting enthusiasts, who come to park their vessels on the marina.

Cape Jaffa Anchorage, Marina, Caravan Park & Essential Services, SA

The areas surrounding the world-class marina have now prime property for residential establishments. Many Australians have built homes or holiday houses by the sea here. Clean air and a relaxed ambience make this a great getaway; particularly for individuals who love being by nature.

Tourists can unwind at the many cafes and wineries nearby. The Limestone Coast is conveniently located adjacent to Cape Jaffa, ensuring that premium top-shelf wines are within easy reach. Excellent tourist amenities and accommodation are also found here.

There are several great activities to enjoy at Cape Jaffa Anchorage. Its fish-rich waters just off the cape make it perfect for recreational fishers. Some of the abundant fish species found here include salmon, King George whiting, mulloway, Tommy ruff, garfish, trevally, bream, and flathead.

Dine on delicious seafood delicacies that include the renowned Australian rock lobsters and abalone. Bird spotters will have a field day looking for oystercatchers, pelicans, seagulls, cormorants, gannets, Pacific gulls, musk ducks, and eider ducks, to name a few. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to spot dolphins and the resident seal.

Getting to Cape Jaffa Anchorage is a relatively easy drive from Mount Gambier. It’s located 19 kilometres southwest of Kingston SE and roughly 164 kilometres north-west from Mount Gambier.

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