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Tantanoola Tiger

Tantanoola Tiger

Apart from the beautiful Tantanoola Caves and various scenic spots across the town, the city of Tantanoola is also renowned for the Tantanoola Tiger.

The speculation of the presence of a tiger in Tantanoola began after the escape of a Bengal tiger from a travelling circus. The nearby towns reported missing or sheep and cattle, but there was no animal found after an extensive search around the Limestone Coast area.

Tantanoola Tiger Story, Pub & Hotel Menu, South Australia

After a time gap of eleven years, a man by the name of Tom Donovan shot a tiger with a sheep in its jaws. He mistakenly thought this animal as a Bengal tiger, but it turned out to be a different species of tiger, more like a Eurasian wolf. The animal was then named after the place it was found and was thereafter known as the Tantanoola tiger.

While visiting Tantanoola, visitors can see the display at the Tantanoola Tiger hotel. This wolf-like tiger was stuffed in order to restore it as a display for visitors.

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