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Nora Creina

Nora Creina

Nora Creina is a town in South Australia which overlooks the Southern Ocean.

Located 99 kilometres away from Mount Gambier and 290 kilometres away from Adelaide, much of the land here is used for agriculture although some are dedicated to conservation.

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A protected area called the Little Dip Conservation Park is found at the northern end, while on its east is another called the Lake St Clair Conservation Park.

There are very few facilities here, which makes it ideal for visitors looking for a quiet getaway. Aside from the 60 holiday homes and shacks, the only places here are the Sunland Holiday Village and the Lake Saint Clair Nature Retreat. All of the shops, cafes and restaurants in the area are located not too far away in either Robe or Beachport.

The bay is incredibly scenic; it features a semi-circular white sand beach with 20-meter-high headlands and several reefs. The beach is typically used for parking cars and as a launching ramp, although vehicles aren’t allowed in the southern area of the access track. Fishing boats are sometimes anchored in the southern end of the bay.

Nora Creina’s beaches are the safest and among the most beautiful you’ll find between Beachport and Robe.

It’s a popular holiday spot for day-trippers coming from the nearby areas. Visitors who would like to enjoy the beauty of this area for several days can either stay in one of the holiday resorts or rent out one of the private holiday houses nearby.

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