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Holiday Accommodation

Holiday Accommodation

Thousands of tourists visit the beautiful country town of Mount Gambier every year to witness the picturesque landscapes and scenic spots that Mount Gambier has to offer. Visitors often travel first to the mysterious Blue Lake, followed by the Valley Lake Crater and the unique Leg of Mutton Lake Crater.

To offer comfortable lodging options to all, Mount Gambier’s holiday accommodation options are aplenty with abundant budget-friendly as well as luxury lodging options.

Mount Gambier Holiday Accommodation, Hotels, Rentals & Houses

Hotels are often the most-preferred accommodation choice among visitors. There are plenty of top-class hotels and various executive retreats throughout the town. To match the needs and the types of holiday people have planned, the hotels in Mount Gambier offer studio rooms, double rooms and even fully-furnished suites.

Another choice of holiday accommodation in Mount Gambier is the luxurious cabin and bungalow rentals at the picturesque campgrounds near the Blue Lake area. The town has several caravan parks that offer small affordable cottage rentals, all-inclusive bed and breakfasts and full-service cabins.

There are several motels and self-contained, fully-serviced apartments to rent. Each of these options will cost you less than a hotel and will offer you an array of 4-star amenities.

Most visitors often choose to stay just outside the commercial streets in town, as they are close to the numerous shops, restaurants and a number of scenic attractions.


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