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Butcher Gap Conservation Park

Butcher Gap Conservation Park is a large 180-hectare park located on the coast, just north of the beautiful township of Cape Jaffa and south of Kingston SE.

As one of the last remaining natural coastal parks, this wetland area attracts plenty of wildlife throughout the year including swans and herons.

Butcher Gap Conservation Park – Walking Trails & Bird Watching, SA

There are plenty of fantastic bushwalking opportunities at Butcher Gap. The best time to visit is during the Spring months of September – November when you will find plenty of wading birds and other mammals. Salt Lake is fuller during this time as well, after the winter rains from June to January, so make sure to tread quietly in order to view some of the beautiful birds that call this park home.

Take a walk through the park and admire the many native plants here which feed and nourish the local fauna. Visitors can come to this park 24 hours a day and it is completely free. But please note that dogs and other pets are not permitted, nor is mountain bike riding or camping.

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