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Butcher Gap Conservation Park

Butcher Gap Conservation Park

Butcher Gap Conservation Park is a large 180-hectare park located on the coast, just north of the beautiful township of Cape Jaffa and south of Kingston SE.

It’s one of the last remaining wetlands and natural coastal parks in the area and serves as a home to many important species of wildlife, flora, and fauna.

Butcher Gap Conservation Park, Walking Trails, Bushwalking & Bird Watching, SA

The park is best known for its scenic and well-maintained bushwalking trails, which are best done during the spring months. This time of year is an excellent opportunity to witness mammals and wading birds. Some of the many wildlife species that live here include seasonal water birds such as white-faced herons and swans, many of which can be seen on the lakes. On the other hand, smaller bush birds can also be seen when walking among the many trails around the park.

Salt Lake is best visited between January to June since you’ll have better chances of seeing the chestnut teal, mountain duck, and black duck. Avid bird spotters and enthusiasts are recommended to pack binoculars.

The wetland area encompasses Butcher Lake and Salt Lake, which are separated by the Butcher Gap Drain, which delivers fresh water from the farmlands and out to sea. A bench and a picnic table can be found at the starting point of the bushwalking trail, where visitors can relax and enjoy refreshments.

Visitors can go to the Butcher Gap Conservation Park 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and entrance is free of charge. The park will be closed on days that there is Catastrophic Fire Danger or Extreme Fire Danger. Keep in mind that camping, bike riding, and bringing of dogs and other pets is not permitted. Assistance dogs will be permitted, provided that visitors contact the park authorities beforehand.