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Cape Douglas

Cape Douglas

Cape Douglas is a small town in South Australia; located 42km south-west from Mount Gambier.

It overlooks the Southern Ocean, and it’s made up of land found on the coast that stretches from Jones Bay in the west, and Middle Point Headland in the east.

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Although most of the land here is used for agricultural purposes, one of the major highlights is the Douglas Point Conservation Park; an important protected area. Visiting the Douglas Point Conservation Park provides visitors with breathtaking views of the coast. It’s also home to a rare daisy that can only be found in 3 other sites within the country.

The park’s other notable features include its beautiful exposed limestone, small sandy beaches, sea cliffs, and dense coastal vegetation – which make it a great place for diving, fishing, and bushwalking.

Other nearby attractions that are worth exploring include the Mount Schank Volcano Walk, the Port MacDonnell Maritime Museum, the Kilsby Sinkhole, and Germein Reserve.

All the untouched, pristine natural attractions here make it a great escape from busy tourist areas. If you’d like to stay a few days to explore Cape Douglas, there’s a handful of budget and mid-range accommodation in Mount Gambier and Port MacDonnell.

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