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Boatswain Point

Boatswain Point

Boatswain Point is a small town on a small stretch of beach north of Robe in South Australia.

It features a low 50-meter long area of rocks found at the northern part of Long Beach, which works to separate it from the south beach which is characterised by low waves.

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A gravel road provides cars and 4-wheel drives with access to the beaches, although there are no facilities here.

Visitors come here to enjoy swimming in its safe beaches. The conditions are generally calm, although Wright Bay Beach tends to have low surging waves. The waves are not big enough for surfing, nor is it deep enough for fishing. For fishing, head over to Wright Bay or take your boat out to fish in the nearby reefs.

Visitors looking for a quiet alternative to the busier beaches of Robe will appreciate the low-energy beaches and laid-back atmosphere here. However, make sure to swim with caution because no lifeguards are patrolling this beach.

Boatswain Point is 19km North of Robe and approximately 142km from Mount Gambier.

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