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Blackfellows Caves

Blackfellows Caves

Blackfellows Caves is a small, quaint town within the Grant Council area; close to a 37km and 30-minute drive from Mount Gambier.

This fishing settlement takes its name from the magnificent sea caves which have eroded over time, forming limestone bluffs on the shore located at the end of the main road.

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On each side of the outcrop are two tranquil beaches; on the east is a 1.4-kilometre-long beach which is used as a boat anchorage thanks to the presence of the offshore reefs. The reefs help protect the stretch of beach, but the eastern end does see occasional waves reach a meter in height.

Visitors who’d like to get a swim in are recommended to check out the beach on the eastern side. The bluffs are a popular spot for fishing, but most fishers typically head out in boats to increase the chances of a good catch. Much of the sea caves are easily accessible and are worth checking out during your visit.

Blackfellows Caves is home to a tiny population of just 70 residents. If you’d like to spend a night or two, the township has a handful of holiday houses and accommodation rentals. Several campgrounds are peppered throughout the area as well.

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