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Racecourse Bay

Racecourse Bay

The Racecourse Bay is a destination in South Australia best loved for its scenic views of the Southern Ocean (also referred to as the Great Australian Bight).

This locality is 25 kilometres south of Mount Gambier, making it easily accessible for a day trip out of town.

Racecourse Bay Accommodation, Camping & Caravan Park Map, SA

One of the most fascinating aspects of Racecourse Bay is its rich history. The land it sits on was once used as a shack site. At the time, it was referred to as Port MacDonnell Racecourse and races were held nearby.

Past records of the region show that it was likely that two sites were used, with one close to the swamp area and another nearer to the bench. Part of the reason for this is that the ground was well suited for racing. Over the years that followed, however, plans to create a reserve for this purpose did not materialize.

Today, the bay’s name is a reflection of its past. This quaint town is ideal for visitors who want to unplug from the frantic pace of city life and retreat for a quiet weekend. Interestingly, there are no shops around, so you can be assured of tranquillity and privacy. For visitors who would like to enjoy modern amenities, Port MacDonnell is just a few minutes’ drive away.

Visit the beach area to take in the cool breeze and perhaps go on a leisurely fishing trip. Note, however, that there is limited access to the beach; so you may want to talk to the locals to arrange a fishing trip prior to heading out.

There are several accommodation options while at Racecourse Bay. The Racecourse Bay Holiday Apartment offers premium accommodations at the most affordable rates. The apartment is located on 7 Kuhl Drive in Port MacDonnell. Other accommodation options nearby include the Port MacDonnell Harbour View Caravan Park, Victoria Port MacDonnell, as well as Quality Inn International Mount Gambier.

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