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Mount Burr

Mount Burr

Mount Burr is a town located in the south-eastern area of South Australia and just 50km from Mount Gambier.

It’s named after a mountain of the same name, which is 240 metres high; the mountain is also one of the Limestone Coast’s last remaining 15 extinct or dormant volcanoes.

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Back in the 1930s, the town was home to the first timber mill of its kind for the region. Since the Limestone Coast had a flourishing timber industry back then, the presence of the novel mill was revolutionary. Sometime in the late 2000s, the timber mill was shut down. The forestry industry is still flourishing here, so it’s not uncommon to come across trucks carrying timber throughout the town.

The town has a lot to offer for tourists and travellers. Among them, perhaps the Mount Burr Forest Reserve is the most popular. Named after late 19th century Deputy Surveyor Thomas Burr, the reserve features an expansive forest home to numerous endangered species.

Nature enthusiasts and animal lovers are recommended to check out the reserve because there’s a good chance you’ll get to see animals; such as the southern brown bandicoot, red-necked wallaby, and emus. Bird watchers frequent the forest as well. With over 60 bird species here, it promises a full day of bird watching.

The Mount Burr Forest Reserve also offers a range of other activities such as bushwalking, where you get to see the beautiful flora and fauna. There are several spots perfect for picnicking too.

The Noolook Bark Mill and Offices is one of the important heritage sites found here. Horse riding, canoeing on Lake Edward, and cave diving can be enjoyed around here, but you’re required to get a permit beforehand.

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